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App Reviews


Best app for animal owners!

Buying pet supplies can be expensive but this app is such a great way to get all the best things you need for your pet at a way cheaper cost!! Would highly recommend downloading and using this app for all of the pet supplies you need!


A must for owners of dogs that love their toys!

Puppy has been a godsend to me and my family of 3 pups that seem to destroy their toys in days!

I’ve never seen less expensive dog products anywhere else and the community is great.


Been using this app since Beta Testing

Have been using this app for several months as a beta tester and enjoy the customer/owner video based presentations of products. I have ordered many different products and love that shipping is free! The customer service is awesome….attentive and accommodating.


Great Deals, Quick to Learn

Was a bit confused on how to use this at first, but love seeing the products in action in videos, and it inspired me to consider products I wouldn’t have otherwise for my pup! Prices are better here than I’ve seen anywhere else- Cooper is about to be one happy boy.


Best for dog & cat owners!!

I love this app! I have a golden retriever and a cat! I feel like for the first time I have a whole community of people are love my dog as much as I do LOL. Love the chew toy product I found too.